Another cookery Book

I did bring home another treasure from my aunt’s house.

The ‘A.1’ Cookery Book by Helen H Lawson. Apart for this book being up for sale very cheaply on one site I can find nothing about this lady on the net so don’t know who she was or how she came to write a cookery book.

As you can see its quite an old cookery book – this is the 1946 edition – all words and no pictures; the first edition was published in 1902 and I imagine she was an ‘older’ lady when she got round to revising it for its fifth publication.

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The front page suggests it contains ‘everything essential for those who wish to have plain food daintily prepared’ and I can imagine thats what my aunt would aspire to but theres lots included that I think she’d have run a mile from.

Somehow I couldn’t have seen her stewing eels, boiling a calf’s head or foot, plucking and drawing a partridge, pheasant or pigeon. Note on pigeons – Tame pigeons taste better if cooked as soon as possible after they are killed – bet you didn’t know that !.

Lots of very old type recipes and many basic ones with some good hints and tips relevant to simple cooking these days. Yes my dear – you know who you are – I am interested in cooking lol
She mentions a tip that we all know about the water from boiled vegetables including potatoes and that in which rice, macaroni, or spagetti have been boiled are useful as a foundation for soups and sauces. But did you know the one exception is cabbage water, which must be thrown away at once. Unfortunately she doesn’t say why:(
Before the sectionon puddings and sweets she lists whether they need butter and eggs, eggs but no butter, and gives some that use no butter or eggs which would have been a boon in the days after the war when not everything was readily available and there was still food rationing
Its going to be fun reading this and finding some ‘easy’ old recipes.

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  1. This sounds fascinating! Stewed eel, eh? I remember catching an eel once, fishing, and it came right up the line at me. I was screaming and my step dad had to come cut the line or I'd of thrown pole and all in the water! Stewing one might be good revenge…


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