Unfortunately C………..

I saw this meme over at Linda’s Blog last week and she saw it somewhere else and now it seems to popping up everywhere.

“What you do is, do a google search for “unfortunately (Your name here)” … don’t forget the quotation marks!

Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name:”

“Unfortunately Catherine”

Unfortunately, Catherine eventually had to go back to working during the day instead of working the night shift, and stopped spending her nights with him. …

Hero in Hemingway novel

Unfortunately, Catherine dropped hers. My parents asked if anyone would share and I said I would. But then I started licking the ice cream right in her face without letting her taste it. She cried, but still never got to taste it.

Family hero

Unfortunately, Catherine’s father (actually, it’s strongly suggested later that Rayner is actually Catherine’s father, or Azeroth-via-Rayner, but whatever), Mr. Beddows, witnesses the whole spectacle and is forced (by his wife’s ghost, no less) to consent to Catherine being raised by Father Rayner and the rascals.

Character in Movie

Unfortunately, Catherine died at the age of 40, on May 19, 1907 from a hemorrhage. The story passed down is that her death was caused by an interrupted pregnancy.

Citizen of Bay City Michigan

Unfortunately, Catherine does not deceive herself nor Nelly. It would degrade me to marry Heathcliff, now; so he shall never know how I love him.

Character in Emily Bronte’s Novel

Unfortunately, Catherine gets involved too deeply with Thomas to keep a professional distance to the case. Fortunately, Thomas seems to fall for her, too

Character in Movie

Well it seems that bad luck seems to follow me all over the place and I certainly don’t have any luck with men. lol