Day out

On Sunday Dh and I went out for the day, one of his get togethers with his exservice mates. We went to the army base called Puckapunyal near Seymour.

Odd you might think for ex airforce fellas but there are big things there and anything big is of interest to them lol

To get there we chose to take the Melba Highway via Yarra Glen and then through the Kinglake/Toolangi Forest. The main highway is now open to through traffic but the roads to Kinglake and Toolangi that branch off it are still closed.

I tried to get some photos but the car seemed to be going all over the place – this one shows (sort of ) the police car at the Healesville Kinglake road block – but after taking a couple I just sat there in shock.
All that destruction is awful to see – blackened trees one kilometre after another – what it would of been like on those awful days is unimaginable

Anyway this is where we went, or rather where the men were going and the women tagging along for the ride.
The Army Tank Museum.

There were big ones, small ones, old ones, ones from ww1, ww2, other countries, you name it there seemed to be one there.
Lots of displays under cover, this one very special

All lined up for visitors to wander around and have a look see

Of course at the end there was a gift shop
Guess what they sold – boxed sets of model tanks all ready to be put together. This is just one wall – there were a couple of others with bigger boxes!!

5 thoughts on “Day out

  1. Hello, Cathy, I came over from Daffy's to say hello. (waves) "Hello!"How my fellows (hubby and 3 grown sons) would love this tank place. I read where you are exercising, me too, that is what I am off to do right now! Feel free to stop over and see me!


  2. Aw Tracie! I think Cathy thought Daffy was my real name! :o) (I could have been Daphne I suppose…) Hi Cathy!My dad would have had a field day with the models! He used to help every kid in our street glue their airfix models together.The sadness and shock you felt at the sad sight of the trees is understandable. I can't imagine how frighteneing it must be.*whispers* I see you have met Tracie. She's lovely but don't tell her I told you that!


  3. My youngest son would love all these boxes of models. He's really into them. I guess maybe one day my eldest son whose in the army may go to pucka.


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