Cross over the bridge

I love bridges – Do you?

I like looking at them and imagining whats on the other side.

Doors don’t do anything for me – with my luck the one I want to open is always locked, the automatic ones with the little red eyes don’t seem to know I’m there, those huge great big round ones that travel around at a slow speed never seem to let me get in at my speed so its bridges for me all the way.
This past week I have had the feeling I just crossed over a bridge and things are changing for the good. Its a peaceful feeling.
I like the memories that come back when I look at this photo taken in 1967 of me and 3 of our children standing on the tiny wooden one over the goldfish pond in Kings Park, East Retford.

I like remembering this very long one you can see in the distance, the Confederation Bridge joining New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and the lovely time we had when we travelled over it in 2006. Its nearly 13kms/8 miles long and you pay the toll as you leave PEI and return to the mainland. One way of keeping the locals at home lol
to get a better picture of this click the photo

I like the height and style of this one – The Lion’s Gate Bridge in Vancouver.
Very sleek and smooth and with nothing ‘fancy’ about it, just there to do a job.
I like the memories these photos bring back as we are just beginning a cruise we took to Alaska from one of our favourite cities.

These two bridges have a similar shape, serve a purpose as well as looking good and blending into their surroundings.
The first one is in a little park close to where I live and the second is in Numurkah where we spent some time last November. Not very wide but low across the water they have lots of room in the span to stop here and there to look down and see if there are any fish swimming underneath.

Yes I like bridges :))

3 thoughts on “Cross over the bridge

  1. Hi Cathy, I love bridges too, although I am totally scared when crossing them.Standing on the Brooklyn Bridge looking back at Manhattan is my favourite place to be in the whole world, but I can't look down through the wooden slats at the water or I might cry! ;)It's good to see you back x


  2. Hi Cathy, great post. Loved the ones of you and the family. I do love bridges, amazing structures many of them and incredible feats of engineering.


  3. They are nice to look at but I have always had a thing about driving over them. I always get nervous when I cross a bridge.


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