Daisymum’s Challenge

Daisymum at Notes from Daisy Mountain issued a challenge – to post a photo taken there and then about how you felt at that time

This is Leroy – one of our Burmese cats – and he has found the perfect spot to get away from all the heat of the day. He chose under the deck by the old steps that are now hidden by the floor of the deck and he looks quiet and peaceful and unfazed by the heat.

Early this morning I closed up the house and turned on the cooling – we were expecting 44c/111f.

So for the best part of the day I have been knitting and thinking or reading with no tv or radio on to spoil the atmosphere of a cool quiet house.

Yes like Leroy this is how I feel at the moment, quiet and peaceful and unfazed by the heat

3 thoughts on “Daisymum’s Challenge

  1. Now I know why my husband said you were having a change, I didn't realise it was after 44o heat. I thought you guys were past all that there.


  2. I wish you could send some of that heat over our way! It's the coldest winter we have had in many years! But Spring arrives on march 21. I surely am looking forward to the time!


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