Cows for the looking at

With all the hot weather making it uncomfortable outside , especially as yesterday along with the high temps we had gale force hot Northerly winds to contend with – but not as bad as other places close to the city who had bushfires as well as well – I have been spending some time indoors looking at lots of blogs

Yesterday Mary at Milk and Honey was talking about painting her cow Blue and I had visions of a blue coloured cow wandering about the paddocks of their Bosky Dell Farm lol

Which reminded me of our week in Numurkah early December last year and the day we went to Shepparton, where window shopping in their main street mall my friend and I came across this display of cows painted to represent Santa’s reindeer. We laughed and shrugged our shoulders.

Then as we were driving over to Mooroopna to the SPC place we saw all these other painted cows on this open block of land
How do you fancy a Bananas in Pyjamas Cow?

Or what about How Now Brown cow?
Finally I saw this sign and that explained it all to us.
I’ve seen painted bears in Vancouver but never painted cows :))
If you click here you’ll get lots more information and also the name of some of the artists

6 thoughts on “Cows for the looking at

  1. The City of Bath had a number of painted pigs dotted around and about, I think there were over 100. I think befor Christmas they had a sale for charity and made lots of money.


  2. I love ! In a town near here they do pigs that way. They are on every street corner till after the bar b que festival then are auctioned off.


  3. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your kind remarks. Most of my friends have not "been there, done that" with their kids like I have, so I do sometimes feel like I am "alone…"


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