An entertaining week

Here it is the beginning of the week again – and a beautiful day this Monday is turning out to be as well.

Blue skies with not a hint of grey anywhere. And I’m so confident these sunny and dry skies will last the day out I have even hung the washing straight on to the outside line and not bothered with the clothes horse on the back deck. Lol

Last week turned out to be quite entertaining in many ways.

Tuesday evening DH and I went as we usually do to a local Folk Music Club (don’t think I’ve mentioned this before) Last year I felt we were missing something and decided we needed more music in our lives and this is what I came up with.

Not too far away from us this club meets each Tuesday, once a month there is a Performers Night with visiting guest artists but start the evening with a Pot Luck session called Blackboard appearances where anyone can write their name on the board and then use the stage.

No, we don’t take part but its great to see others get up and give a rendition of something. Lots of Aussie Bush stuff – songs, poetry and stories that have come down over the years as well as newer original works.

Last Tuesday Phil Young was the drawcard but my favourite would have to have been Ardmore who came in March. A local group from the Dandenong’s – click the link and scroll down to see what they specialise in. They are a great band and fun for when you are feeling down.

Thursday morning I went with my Red Hat Lady Friends to see this film – . Sex in the City – talk about a chick flick. We had a fun morning, were the only ones in the small cinema, and then followed up with Lunch at a local Bistro. No the movie isn’t and the series before it wasn’t everyones cup of tea but we had a fun time. Wonder if life in New York is really like that :))

Then on to yesterday afternoon when I took my Aunt to see one of the grandchildren perform with her choir – the Victorian Girls Choir. Their winter concert was just what she needed as life is becoming a bit of a chore for her and her Dementia is becoming more of a problem each week.

Great music and not too highbrow this time – sometimes the choir masters choose weird and wonderful pieces to ‘show’ what the children are capable of. The choristers start at about 7 years old and for the girls they can continue as long as they can, their voices develop slowly but the boys in the corresponding choir will leave in their teens as ‘their’ voices can be a problem when they ‘break’ – problem for the boys that is as they get quite embarrassed if it suddenly goes all squeeky.

The concert was in the Chapel at Luther College here in the eastern suburbs and because Aunt finds stairs a problem we sat in the back at the top so I couldn’t get down to take a photo but this one shows the fabulous stained glass window there and the Girls after one of their numbers. You must click to enlarge the photo and see the beauty of the window.


And heres my Darling Eldest Granddaughter with her Great Great Aunt Pamela know as Aunty Pam to us all who turns 85 at the end of this month.

Hopefully as long as she doesn’t go near those horses at the end of her street LOL :))