A Day in My lIfe – June 14th 2008

Jenny at Little Jenny Wren is running her Day in My Life again – If you go to her blog you can read about more Days around the world. As its Saturday I think they may be slightly different to the weekday entries.

Another month gone by, into winter now with our longest dayon the horizon ^ edited here – seems like I don’t know what part of the year I am actually at – we are coming up to our shortest day/longest night ^ and it was a rather grey cloudy sky that greeted me when I got up and all day long its been very cool – well – to me it has been cold – but the weather man assured us it hasn’t been THAT bad.

Was a bit slow and sluggish to begin with, maybe due to the fact I went to a Body Pump class yesterday, my first for a while so there were muscles being worked that had got lazy over the past few months. Turned the heating on, made some tea, gave DH his in bed, made my microwave porridge and climbed back into bed with breakfast in hand. Nothing like being lazy on a cold morning lol

Gave in to reality at 8.30 and got up. Dh went off to get the fruit and veg, it’s a Saturday ritual for him and he always comes home with good stuff so I leave the buying up to him. After seeing some men go to pieces I take the attitude that if anything ever happened to me he would be able to cope by himself.

Decided it was time to start the day proper and as the bathroom was chilly did something I haven’t done for a long time and got dressed in front of the fire lol

Checked some blogs while he was out and did a bit of online banking. Had to tidy the fridge a bit to make room for the fruit and veg after DH got home and smiled when I saw he’d brought me some Mandarins (my favourite fruit) but grimaced at the size of the Bananas, they are huge so we’ll have to have half each with breakfast in the mornings. He also brought in some Butternut Pumpkins he’d been given yesterday, it looks like I’ll be to making more soup soon as I’d defrosted the last of it for lunch. There’s nothing like generous friends especially if it means a free lunch 🙂

Went down to the Pet shop about 10am for fresh cat meat also discovered he sold the dog roll that I chop up for my Aunt which meant I didn’t have to drive to the Fodder Shop for it. I felt pleased over that ‘cose it was cheaper to buy there and with the price of fuel it meant I didn’t have to be on the road more than was necessary.

Popped into Aunts on the way home, took her dog for a quick walk and picked my eggs from the lady in her street at the same time. She has an honest box at the front door but being Saturday she saw me coming up the drive and we had a bit of a chat. I know her chooks are free range ‘cose they wander about outside a lot even finding things to eat in other people gardens that are far nicer than their own:)

Back to Aunts and was able to catch up with her cleaning lady who often fills me in with things the Aunt doesn’t mention, like how the stain got on the carpet beside her chair. Had coffee and a chat and then saw the Agent who manages the units and arranged a carpet cleaner to come and attend to the stain.

More coffee and a sit down when I got home at 12 noon.

Had to sweep the garage floor as one of the cats had tipped a litter tray over and put sawdust everywhere. Changed their bedding at the same time ‘cose of the sawdust. Messy but cheap – FREE from a local furniture makers factory close by.

Sky still very grey looking and with some very black threatening looking clouds, which made me decide to scrub the planned gardening, wash my hands and accept that another coffee was ok lol

While the kettle was coming to the boil I finally got round to clearing away the dishes from dinner last night, there weren’t that many left on the draining board as we’d been using them for the coffees during the morning and as Dh was having a lazy day it fell to me to make the bed – used our weekend method of just pulling the covers up over the pillows and straightening the bedspread over to look neat and tidy. Yes it was rather late in the day but I read somewhere that if a bed is left to cool and air there’s less risk of bedbugs. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol

By the time 1.30 arrived I needed my lunch of my homemade Pumpkin soup and fresh bread rolls plus some fruit and yoghurt – I felt as though I’d been on the go for hours.

Had a sit down and did a bit of knitting for a while and then the rest of the afternoon was spent back out in the garage.

There’s still a load of things boxed up from last months carpet laying and I just had to see if we really needed to hang on to them. Lots of paper work went into the bin, old bills and receipts and statements. It seemed easier to make a decision out there than bring the files back into the house and make a mess while they were being sorted plus it was a lot closer to the bin to dump them. I was rugged up with a jacket on and I pulled the bin up to garage door and just dropped each pile in after tearing them into pieces – if I’d been indoors I’d have made excuses about having to go out in the cold.

Dh came to the party and made dinner – well, he peeled the veggies and defrosted some savoury mince I’d made a couple of weeks ago. I was so pleased as I had been doing my own thing all day and hadn’t been much company for him so he sat by the fire and watched sport or read all afternoon. We did a naughty thing and ate it with our plates on trays on our laps in the lounge room – something we haven’t done for years.

Watched the last episode of Bed of Roses and here I am trying to recount the day.

Not a really a physical one but I have noticed during the day was how much my thighs were aching and I can feel them tightening as I sit here. I’m going to have to do a few squats and lunges during the day at home to keep those muscles supple so I don’t have this happen each time I go to the gym. Oh, the things we do. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Day in My lIfe – June 14th 2008

  1. Loved hearing about your comings and goings of the day, Cathy. I am still in mine so I won't post until tonight. We are just on the cusp of summer so we are opposite of you. Green everywhere, flowers and veggies all growing well..and no SNOW! Hehehe.


  2. Sounds like a very nice day. I understand how you feel after the pump class – I'm always the same when I haven't done for a while (even if I've been doing other exercise).Libby


  3. Hi Cathy,thanks for sharing your day. We are one the opposite site here, but there is no sign of summer over the last few days in southern Germany. Cold, grey and wet, brrr.


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