Just a few photos to add on a rather cool day. The warm temperature the BOM gave us is deceiving as the skies out east have been very grey all day.

This first one shows my DD and her three friends during their 100km walk last month

Look at those marvellous stately trees around them. They were entering one of the check point sections in one of our national parks hence all the parked cars.

They were in the top ten female teams and now all the aches and pains have gone, and they are basking in the afterglow of success three weeks later they are already talking about ‘next year’s event’ 🙂

This next one shows DH and his bunch of old Rafies on Anzac Day March in Adelaide last week – they are proud of the service they gave to their country and proud of their adopted country too

Then we have the white stuff that lay on my garden yesterday after the huge storm we had in the afternoon. Thunder Lightning Hail and a torrential downpour that surprised everyone in the eastern suburbs.
I was in the library at Croydon and had to wait about 30 mins for a break before I could attempt to get to the car. The hail lay so thick it looked like snow and of course roads were flooded making Mt Dandenong Road quite treacherous.

I didn’t take the photo till later as DH had the camera out with him but its some thing we don’t see very often.

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