Water is music to the ears

The day that the rains came down Mother Earth smiled again;
Now the lilacs could bloom; now the fields could grow greener.

The day that the rains came down, buds were born, love was born
As the young buds will grow, so our young love will grow –
Love, sweet love.

A robin sang a song of love, A willow tree reached up to the heavens
As if to thank the sky above For all that rain, that welcome rain;

We looked across the meadowland, And seemed to sense a kind of a miracle
Much too deep to understand, And there we were, so much in love.

The day that the rains came down, mountain streams swelled with pride.
Gone the dry riverbed; gone the dust from the valley.

The day that the rains came down, buds were born, love was born;
As the young buds will grow, so our young love will grow –
Love, sweet love, rain sweet rain.

Words & Music by Pierre Delanoe & Gilbert Becaud; English lyrics by Carl SigmanRecorded by Jane Morgan, 1958 (#21)

How many of you reading hummed along as you read these lyrics??

Growing up in the 50’s in England we had our own pop singers but most of the music came from ‘The States’ as in United States and like most teenagers of that time I loved rock and roll (Bill Haley and the Comets were a favourite as well as dear Elvis aka ’The King’). I was also happy to listen to ballad type songs, country, blues, skiffle, trad jazz, – you name it – I tapped my toes and sang along.

And danced.

I loved to dance and suffered many ghastly partners (‘cept for my friend Anne) so when I met my DH and we ‘clicked’ the first time we jived I thought I’d died and gone to heaven lol ……………………We still have a go if there’s a band and he’s had enough to drink lol………………….. But these days its usually a slow waltz.

And even tho I hadn’t met him when that song was recorded it’s just the right tempo for a slow walk so I might just hum it to him later and see what happens :))

Yesterday and today here in Melbourne it has been very hot and humid and very very wet.

Storms to rival monsoons – just like last week – have come in the afternoons and for some reason this song kept going through my mind.

We do so need the rain, after so many years of drought Australia needs water. Melbourne needs water to fill its dams and my garden certainly needs water. .

I’m not sure all those who will be camping at Rosebud foreshore over the next 2 months will agree and even tho I love our long hot summers I for one won’t be upset if we have a long hot humid wet one if it means we get some water from up above

DH made this cupboard for the back deck a couple of years ago – its a great asset and we use as a bench when we BBQ – see below at one of our Christmas gatherings.

It holds a lot of my gardening bits and pieces including my wellie boots – well today the guttering above it leaked, water poured down over it and I discovered its not waterproof as instead of keeping the water out the boots were filled with the stuff lol


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  1. Hope you have a lovely christmas Cathy. 🙂 Well I hope the weather will be okay for our trip down that way soon. But yes we do need the rain.


  2. Hi Cathy,Just wanted to drop by and say Merry Christmas to you and Yours. I enjoy my visits with you so very much, I always leave with a smile on my face and a Happy heart.Thanks you so much:o) Blessins', LibI Love the storage/seating boxes your Dh made.Lovely!


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