Home but so much to do

I finally arrived home from Sydney late last Wednesday afternoon but have been on the go ever since. As I was going to be out really early the next morning I had arranged to pickup the cats in the afternoon but didn’t get back home till after 5pm so rang and put it off till the next day (Friday)

They are looked after so well at this particular cattery I have no problem with leaving there longer, when I turned up both were cuddled up together quite comfortable in an old round papasan chair and seemed reluctant to even move.

Unlike many pedigree cats who are not allowed outside mine are indoor/outdoor cats so have the run of our garden as well as the comfort of the fireside.
There is an outdoor pen/run in the back garden for them to use if I go out in the summer and don’t want them inside, that way I know they are safe and not running the street when I’m not there to keep and eye on them.

Leroy gets really stressed if he’s put into the indoor pens at the cattery and starts to spray so they have the use of an outdoor run each time we book them in, its like a holiday cottage with marvellous views of the cattery owners large gardens, visiting birds and other wild life as well as the chook pen close by.

The chooks are let out to scratch around so Leroy and Kiera have plenty to watch and be entertained by if they aren’t snoozing in the chair.

Then at night the doors to a little ‘shed’ at the end of the run are closed and with comfy beds, a supply of food, water along litter tray both are safe and warm till morning.

Recently I seemed to have cut down on the number of blogs I read, and I am making fewer and fewer comments as well.
My blog was a way for me to come to grips with my weight gain but has evolved over the year to be a way for me to churn over my thoughts on anything and everything so it hasn’t worried me that not many others read it.

Thank you Lynette at Beloved Children’s chronicles for tagging me.

The fifth full sentence on page 161 of the book I have just finished is:

“You don’t think she might just feel that anyway?”

Taken from Three Dog Night, a confronting story of a friendship renewed after ten years, written by an Australian author, Peter Goldsworthy.

Three Dog Night is an Australian term taken from the bush, which refers to the number of dogs you need to sleep with in the desert to keep warm.

Over the next few weeks I will be trying to finish off some unfinished knitting for a craft stall so most likely will spend less time on the computer. Its been raining again (Hooray) and its a rather cool Saturday outside which is ideal for sitting and knitting so thats what I’m going to do.

Nearly time for Lunch so Bye for Now.