Busy time ahead

Its quiet in the house today. I have taken the cats to the boarding cattery so without them talking and making themselves known (as Burmese do) it does seem quite quiet here.

We are taking a drive along the Western Highway early tomorrow morning – we are off to Adelaide for a few days. Its an easy days drive, over 700kms of a fairly flat unremarkable mostly farming country along the Western Highway to the South Australian border then the Dukes Highway into Adelaide. I’ve sorted out some books to read and put some easy knitting together and now have to do the ‘clothes’. I know it’s only 5 days and how hard can that be says DH. What to wear is always a problem for me – men have it so easy – trousers, shirts, and shoes. Oh and his suit and tie for the March and thats it.

It will be our first visit to Adelaide since we returned to Melbourne over 5 years ago. The reason for the trip is so DH can meet with old airforce mates and take part in the Anzac Day March. We have two days driving, two days meeting old friends and one day involved with the military aspect and the bonhommie that is attached to that particular day which makes me think we will be on the go most of the time. Mostly casual stuff but theres always the risk someone will decide they want to go to a more ‘dressy’ place than the Greek resturant we chose for one of the get togethers.

Bet there’ll be a toss up to see who gets the first 2 hour stint in the morning and also the same again on Friday morning leaving early to drive out through the Adelaide Hills onto the Freeway. Reason for that is I’m not too good first thing in the morning and on long drives elect to slumber along to wherever we decide
to stop for breakfast – we do have have had cereal and tea before leaving home but need a refresher at about the 2 hour mark. Then I’m safe behind the wheel for the next 2 hours:)

We will be home a week and then fly off to Sydney town to do another stint of babysitting. The 2 grandsons living there need someone to mind them so Mum and Dad go off to recharge their batteries!!

It will be a year since we last saw them so I’m hoping they haven’t changed much in that time and are still as easy going and accepting as before. Now that the oldest is in his first year at school there’ll be lots to talk about at the end of the day which I’m looking forward to and except for the weekend when both will be in at home we will spend most of the days visiting friends and entertaining the 2 year old. Wonder if he still has a day time sleep? Resting time for Grandma or clean up round the house time? That’s always a big decision when little ones are around.

The rain continued during the night but has eased now and the grey cloudy sky makes us think there may be more coming today but when the country is in the grip of the worst drought ever it will need years of constant rain to get us back to where we were. Politicians are saying there will be no irrigation along the Murray allowed soon so fruit veg and other foods will rsise in price – again:(

Will be back someday – soon

2 thoughts on “Busy time ahead

  1. Although busy, sounds like a couple of fun trips. My hubby does all the driving. Can't stand to have someone else drive. So I get to do all the resting.Thanks for stopping by. Luke & Marshall, the goldfish are still alive this Sunday morning.


  2. I still enjoy reading your blog Cathy. Sounds like you are very busy enjoying life. 🙂 Great to see!!


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